About Us

Fillet for Friends (FFF) was founded in 2014 by Harrison Konsker and Maccabee Herman. Outside of attending school in South Florida, the two young, avid fishermen were out on the water almost every weekend. Above average anglers, they often caught their recreational bag limits and soon realized it was much more than met their personal needs. With this in mind, Harrison and Mac decided to reach out to local food banks as a way to partner in their angling successes and share the bounty of the sea with a new purpose and goal in mind: to feed those, who would otherwise go hungry, with a protein-packed, delicious and nutritious fillet of fish. After a local food bank loved the idea and helped carry out and guide the process, Fillet for Friends was born.

Now a 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit organization, we are actively involved in feeding citizens. In order to maximize the number of fish Fillet for Friends receives, we attend tournaments in South Florida, in pursuit of our goal to minimize food insecurity. After collecting the fish from local anglers, the FFF team completes the process by cleaning, filleting, packaging and, finally, donating the fresh fish to those who need it most.

Fillet for Friends aims to make it as easy and accommodating as possible for anglers across South Florida to donate their fish. This process begins when a fisherman contacts FFF through either our email, phone, or website. That angler’s fish will then be picked up, filleted, packaged and delivered to a local food bank. All tournaments and anglers receive a confirmation of their donation to FFF.

Get Involved

Fillet for Friends is always looking for supporters and donors to get involved with our organization. If you are passionate about fishing, helping the hungry, or looking for ways to get involved in our community, sign up as a volunteer or team member and donate your caught fish.

Otherwise, if you are not interested in taking a hands on approach but would like to offer other means of assistance, donations are greatly appreciated through either PayPal or our Facebook page. As a nonprofit, every dollar donated to us is spent to help fund the practices and operations of our organization.

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