About Us

Fillet for Friends (FFF) was created in 2014 by Harrison Konsker and Maccabee Herman. Outside of attending school in South Florida, these avid fisherman were out on the water almost every weekend. Above average anglers, they often caught their recreational bag limits and soon realized it was much more than personal needs required. With this in mind, Harrison and Maccabee decided to reach out to local food banks as a way to partner in their angling successes and share the bounty of the sea. After speaking to a local food bank, they said they would love to receive our excess fish—hence, FFF was created.

FFF is a 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit that has been involved feeding citizens for over three years. In order to maximize the amount of fish FFF receives, we attend tournaments across the east coast of South Florida. After collecting the fish from local anglers, FFF volunteers complete the process by cleaning, filleting, packaging and finally donating the fresh fish.

FFF makes it extremely easy for anglers across South Florida to donate their fish. This process begins when a fisherman contacts FFF through email, text, or through our website under the contact page. That angler’s fish will then be picked up, filleted, packaged and delivered to a local food bank. All anglers will receive a confirmation for their donation to FFF.

Get Involved

Fillet for Friends is always looking for supporters and donors to get involved with our organization. If you are a fisherman in the South Florida region, sign up as a volunteer and donate your caught fish.

On the other hand, if you are not a fisherman but still would like to assist our organization, fiscal donations are accepted through Paypal and are greatly appreciated.

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